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Marketing an Influencers message is really not all that difficult in that there are only so many ways to accomplish this.
First you decide how best to present their offer, create the usual webinars, VSL’s, Sales pages or funnels, order page, ads and technically you should be good to launch.
This is where we shine – we could follow the templates of many of the “greats” out there that sell a fill in the blanks type of template for each of the above.  We discovered that what sets up apart is that we don’t offer “cookie cutter”.  We happen to be one of those rare teams that LOVE to do research and LOVE to be at the top of our niche.

We don’t just do a webinar for example, we study our client, their offer, their avatar, their long- term vision for their business and then we roll up our sleeves and the real work begins.  We build a library of reference that would knock your socks off!  By the time we are finished all the research, before we even begin to build any of the marketing material, we know our client inside out.  We have even had clients come and stay with us for 10 days to be able to “get in their head”.  It is imperative for us to know that when we are creating marketing material we are accurately representing our client, from A-Z.

This alone is one of the reasons we have such a stringent selection process for who we agree to represent.  We have to be aligned with the message as well as the client.  We have worked very hard to build a team of world class professionals, people that excel in their area of expertise and we are not willing to risk that reputation by representing a message that we are not 1000% proud to put our name and effort behind.

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