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Exclusive Marketers


Dedicated to Helping Select Influencer’s Deliver Their Message to those That Wish To Succeed The Right Way – With Sustainable, Profitable Businesses

About Us

A Team of Highly Accomplished Professionals Working Efficiently to Bring Select Influencer’s Message
to the Masses.
It is an incredible privilege to work with the World’s Top Influencers.
Entrepreneurs who have graduated from the “school of hard knocks” and earned their positions
in the ranks as World Class Influencers. Our relationship is the perfect blending of talents.
The influencer can focus solely on their strength, adding great value to the life/business
of their clients, while we do the rest.

Our Vision

 Exclusive Marketers is THE company that provides the impetus and technical support for the world’s top influencers to share their message with the world. Programs that will enhance the world – We help bring that message to the world!

Our Values

we only offer our services to those that we are proud to promote. Our vetting system allows us to work with the World’s best and we add our values to theirs to form an unbeatable team.

Our Mission

To help make the world a better place by promoting the messages of some of the World’s Top Influencers through ethical, valuable programs designed to help their audience grow and scale.

Services Offered

We have worked very hard to build a team of world class professionals, people that excel in their area of expertise and we are not willing to risk that reputation by representing a message that we are not 1000% proud to put our name and effort behind.


Sales Funnels

Media Buying


Work With Us

If you have a message you want to share with the world, you can rely on us to do all the heavy lifting while you focus on your area of expertise – creating the message. Our job is to do the rest – deliver the message!

If you would like to explore working with us here at Exclusive Marketers click on the apply button and you will be redirected to our application page.

We will make every effort to review your application in a timely manner and then arrange a time for an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

Meet The Team

Abdullah Zekrullah

Chief Marketing Officer [CMO]

Pat Wenger

Director of Operations

Rae-Ella Pratt

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Randy Wenger


Muhammed H.Tawfik

Project Manager

Hazem Magdy

Sales Funnel Expert

Randa Adel

Web Designer

Lobna Khaled